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Working with Akiri & Teenisha within the past 2 months has been a life changing experience. I came into this thinking I was about to learn the textbook methods of Leadership Principles, Organizational Leadership & Ethics and Corporate Accountability, however I came out with so much more awareness and knowledge of what it really takes to become a great leader than I ever imagined. They were both exceptional coaches using methods and delivery which were brilliant & relatable. What I didn’t expect was the guidance I received on a personal level. Every session was eye opening & brought so much clarity to what it really takes to be a leader- “to be the best leader, you have to be at your best on a personal level spiritually, mentally, physically & emotionally” Over the sessions, an actionable plan for growth was implemented through Akiri & Teenisha’s willingness to push me for success. Words and expression on this review does not serve justice to what I learned and experienced as they impacted my life in ways I did not expect. Through the use of their website and blogs, a wealth of knowledge and skills was acquired. Ultimately the sessions were above and beyond my expectations. You guys played a part of my life that has propelled me to continue to grow as a person.

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Kimberly Seegobin

Sales Manager,

Massy Motors Ltd

Kimberly Seegobin Testimonia
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Paul Pantin

Founder & CEO,


If you are looking to revamp your corporate culture, go no further. If you are looking for an invested interest and partnership into the betterment of your business, then this is the team for you. smart, innovative, invested and full of energy are only some of the adjectives one can use when describing this dynamic duo. transform your business now, change the culture in the office to a positive one, wait no longer ...

Paul Pantin Testimonial

"Seek first to understand, then to be understood", is how I would describe Teenisha and Akiri. Their brand is unique, and it works!!! The past few months have been a life changing period for me both professionally and personally. What won me over, was them coming into eZone and getting to know each Manager on a professional and at times, personal level. Their wholistic approach allowed them to earn the TRUST required to make their process a success. A total shift in paradigm was the result of their sessions as I discovered that what I was fighting to be great at was not what I was destined to become. They tapped into my unseen abilities and natural talents and empowered me to believe in myself again. This program is a prerequisite for leaders as we are the persons who inspire passion and motivation in followers, therefore, It would be remiss of me not to thank my CEO for choosing me to participate in this program and thank you Teenisha and Akiri for believing in me.

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Marielle Springer-Lewis

Chief People Officer,


Marielle Springer Lewis Testimonial
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Marika Rousseau-Reyes

People, Culture and Development Manager,


The wholistic design of the program made an impact on all of the participants. The first thing that stuck out to me was Teenisha's and Akiri's ability to listen, understand and identify my strengths and good qualities. It was as if they knew me, the real me, for years! This definitely gained my trust. From there, it provided me the space to tap into abilities within. They know how to read a room, they're very supportive and are personally invested in what they do. They have equipped me with tools for both my personal and professional life. I am more self-aware, more open to understanding, less doubtful and engage less in self-sabotaging behavior. Thanks to my boss for this initiative and thanks to Teenisha and Akiri.

Marika Rousseau-Reyes Testimonial
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